Founding father

Hereby the  Founding Father gains the right to:

  • Use the logo ‘Innovation partner’ of FDL including the caption Founder.
  • Right on a Board Seat
  • Preferred User/Supplier Feed Design Factory
  • Discount on the use of the facility in accordance with the discount scheme for Innovation partners (rental rates for the pilot plant, conference rooms, etc.) which is determined by the board on a yearly basis. This discount has a descending nature during 5 years.
  • Logo Innovation Partner Banner FDL-website.
  • All rights for Community Partners during 5 years:
    • Infinite amount of Community Members
    • Logo Innovation Community Partner FDL-website
    • Participation in the yearly symposium against a reduced rate
    • Participation in Community Meetings (all Communities) against a reduced rate, if not free (depending on the meeting)

Hereby the Founding Father is obliged to:

1. Pay a one-time contribution in the costs of FDL of € 250.000,- excl. VAT


Founding father

HAS University of Applied Sciences

HAS University of Applied Sciences focuses on the business market with the branch HAS Training and Consultancy. With applied research and advice, we serve companies and government institutions in the agribusiness, food, environmental and green sector. You profit from professional research facilities and a large network. |


Dinnissen Process Technology is specialized in machines and processes for the processing of powders, grains and granulates in the feed, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry for over 65 years. We deliver systems for product intake, transport, weighing, dosing, mixing, milling, sifting and packaging. Innovation is an important priority. Innovation in feed design and feed technology results in an improved feed quality and animal welfare. In cooperation with Vitelia, Dinnissen developed Magi-Con®, a total concept to produce feed of the highest quality in a flexible and controlled way. Next to that, we are specialized in Magi-N.ext® extrusion technology, an extruder line for the feed industry aimed at homogeneity, hygiene and food safety and Magi-Mill®, a flexible milling concept to mil and mix feed components. |


Vitelia Voeders is part of Coöperation Vitelia and originates from a fusion between Boerenbond Ysselsteyn and SaWeCo on 1 January 2008. Vitelia Voeders is an innovative company which produces and sells compound feed to livestock farmers in Limburg and a part of Noord-Brabant. The company trades in feed for pigs, poultry and cattle. Pig and poultry feed is mainly produced in its own facilities. Turkey and cattle feed are produced at third party producers commissioned by Vitelia Voeders. The production locations of Vitelia Voeders are the locations Ysselsteyn and location Oirlo. In Ysselsteyn mainly feed for porkers and laying hens is produced, while in Oirlo feed for sows, pigglets, porkers, laying hens and broilers is produced. |