Chain Partner


Hereby the Chain Partner gains the right to:

  • Use the logo ‘Innovation partner’ of FDL including the caption Chain Partner.
  • Discount on the use of the facility in accordance with the discount scheme which is determined by the board on a yearly basis. This discount has a descending nature during 5 years.
  • Logo Innovation Partner Banner FDL-website.
  • All rights for Community Partners during 5 years:
    • Infinite amount of Community Members
    • 5x participation in the year symposium against a reduced rate
    • Participation in Community Meetings (all Communities) against a reduced rate, if not free (depending on the meeting)

Hereby the Chain Partner is obliged to:

1. Pay a one-time subsidy to FDL of €50.000,-.

Chain partner


Imtech Industrial Services, part of the publicly traded Royal Imtech, is your technical service provider for the feed industry (Feed & Petfood). Imtech is your technical partner for basic & detail engineering till the complete automation and maintenance of your production process. Since the recipe of compound feed regularly has to change and the laws and regulations in the feed industry are becoming increasingly more strict, Imtech developed a vertically integrated operating system ImPlant for automation of the process industry in feed. MES-system ImPlant is there for the automation of your feed company: from field component till ERP! |

Royal Agrifirm Group

Royal Agrifirm Group With more than 3.000 dedicated employees driven to excel every day, Royal Agrifirm Group contributes to a responsible food chain for future generations. The cooperative delivers measurable, relevant and sustainable value to farm, field and industry level. Founded over 120 years ago in the Netherlands, Royal Agrifirm Group is now a leading agricultural cooperative with an international network of subsidiaries in 16 countries within Europe, South America and Asia and a worldwide distribution network. Operating within these regions with their local brands: Agrifirm, Nuscience, Nutral, Nutrifarma, Preconex, Lusai, Bonda and Oldambt. |


Tebodin is an internationally operating consulting and engineering firm and offers the knowledge and experience of around 4.900 employees in the sectors industry, health and nutrition, oil and gas, chemicals, infrastructure, real estate, and energy and environment to clients worldwide. Tebodin operates from nearly 50 offices of which 9 are spread throughout the Netherlands. The agency is part of Bilfinger SE, an internationally operating ‘engineering and services’ company. Tebodin aims to provide smart, sustainable solutions. The unique force of Tebodin is the integration of consultancy and engineering, supplemented with project management, procurement and construction management for both large and small projects. |

Rabobank Horst Venray

Rabobank Horst Venray is a cooperative financial service provider in the municipality Venray, Horst aan de Maas and part of the municipality Bergen (Well and Wellerlook). We are an involved partner in the region and support innovative projects such as Feed Design Lab. Our cooperation is made possible by our clients, we are always there for our clients and we aim to contribute to a sustainable economic development in society. The Rabobank established a bank without shareholders over one hundred years ago. We therefor offer our services for our customers, our members and society. By being a cooperative bank we know that we can achieve more together rather than on our own. By connecting people and sharing knowledge. This is how we strengthen the environment in which our clients work and live. Stronger together. That is the idea of cooperative banking. For more information, please visit |

Adifo N.V.

Adifo delivers a unique line of strategic software tools and services for the automation and optimization of product development, logistics and customer services for feed production companies. 600 companies in over 60 countries apply Adifo’s software to optimize their supply chain, to optimally serve their customers and to use their resources in the most efficient way. A constant input of the user, 40 years of specialization in this sector and state-of-the-art technology guarantee innovative tools which feed companies use to truly make a difference business operations. |

CPM Europe

CPM Europe is a renowned supplier of process equipment and technology for the feed, oilseed, biomass and many other industries like foods and recycling. CPM has a worldwide reputation as a specialist in the fields of milling, pelleting and crushing (flaking). CPM employs a team of very involved specialists and has over 100 years of experience. This results in equipment which is maximally and continuously employable, highly reliable and proven to have the lowest operational costs. CPM operates worldwide with over 1000 employees and from Amsterdam with 75 employees, where machines are build according to the highest industrial standards. |

Feed for tomorrow CMYK

9 Belgian companies collectively are a chain partner of FDL.

Boerenbond België

Boerenbond is the largest agriculture and horticulture organization in Flanders. Established through the solidarity between agriculturists and horticulturists, Boerenbond has been in service of the sector for over 125 year. The organization is mainly involved in advocacy, service provision and shaping for its members of active agriculturists and horticulturists. Next to that, Boerenbond also has an interest in innovation and research in service of the agricultural and horticultural sector. This is why the organization invests in Feed Design Lab. The assurance of affordable and high quality feed are necessary for a viable livestock business. This is one of the ways in which Boerenbond invests in a future oriented sector. |


Convoi is een technische dienstverlener met meer dan 400 medewerkers gespecialiseerd Elektrotechniek&Automatisering en Industriële Relocations Convoi Electrical&Automation richt zich op het ontwerp, de realisatie,inbedrijfname en onderhoud van industriële installaties in vele marksectoren waaronder feed & food-machinebouw-chemie-papier-en automotive. Convoi Electrical&Automation combineert hierbij langjarige kennis en expertise met een praktische gestructureerde aanpak, resulterend in passende oplossingen. Convoi Relocations houdt zich bezig met het (ver)plaatsen, monteren en installeren t/m de inbedrijfname van nieuwe en bestaande installaties van enkele machines t/m complete productielijnen Convoi is gevestigd in Maastricht-Airport en heeft nog vestigingen in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Ommeren en Eindhoven en daarnaast in Duitsland-Tsjechië-Slowakije-Groot-Brittannië en India. |