The activities of the Feed Design Lab are open for every active participant in the industry, regardless of whether they are partner of the Feed Design Lab. We would hereby like to invite entrepreneurs and organizations, active in the feed industry, ingredients, resources and/or feed technology, to work together with us to help create an innovative and learning Community of Practice FDL. This can be done through the Community Partnership.

What does the community partnership offer to you

  • You are allowed to put the image of Community Partner of FDL on your own website;

  • Register an unlimited amount of Community Members

  • Take part in the year symposium against a reduced rate

  • Take part in Community Meetings against a reduced rate if not for free (depending on the meeting)


If you would like to register as a Community Partner, it will cost €2500,- excluding VAT.

Next to Community Partners, the Feed Design Lab works with Innovation Partners. Innovation Partners invest in the realization of the test factory.

For more information you can send an email to: