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The most important activities of Feed Design Lab are the renting of the pilot plant, providing training/courses and developing projects. Feed Design Lab is unique in this setting: nowhere else in Europe, education, research and the production of experimental/test feed take place in the same institute. We can divide our company into three ‘Business units’, namely: Facilities, Projects and Education.

All of these activities are expressed in our ‘innovation program’, consisting of four program lines.

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Feed Design Lab is young and ambitious. We demonstrated our capabilities by completing the pilot plant in less than a year in 2013 and the official opening of Feed Design Lab in April 2014. An impressive achievement in the eyes of many; to us, it was “merely” the beginning. Feed Lab Design has set the bar way higher. Our vision includes the expansion of our facilities, training courses and an innovation program. All this contributes to our mission of building a sustainable animal feed industry.

Integrity, flexibility and professionality are three key values for Feed Design Lab. Read more about us in our folder.


Feed design lab team

•    Trudy van Megen, managing director (right)
•    Joyce Kleuskens, administrative assistant (middle)
•    Eric Vissers, process engineer (left)


Director Trudy van Megen introduces herself:

My name is Trudy van Megen and I have been the director of Feed Design Lab since the 1st of august 2013. My main task is to realise and further develop the research- and education centre Feed Design Lab. Knowledge and innovation are my passion, being able to work together and  further develop to get to innovations and sustainability with many partners in the feed industry is a great challenge! In the past 4 years I have been active as project manager of sustainable livestock farming at the ZLTO. Prior to that, I was the deputy director of KnowHouse (innovations in agriculture) and director of C Point (training and advice in mushroom cultivation).