FacilitiesThe eye-catching architecture of the building has made it a local landmark which breathes innovation inside and out. Feed Design Lab has all the facilities needed to support education and projects. The pilot plant, which was finished in 2014, is equipped with the latest technology and equipment with multifunctional capabilities.
ProjectsFeed Design Lab is a trailblazer for projects that contribute to the goal of creating a sustainable animal protein chain by 2020. We inspire entrepreneurs, researchers and education to find new solutions through collaboration, open innovation and co-creation. The focus of these efforts is on new raw materials, new technology and health.
EducationWe have established a training center which offers hands-on training courses and classes at the pilot plant in the areas of animal feed production and animal feed (process) technology. These classes are taught by experts and experienced instructors and are aimed at different target groups, from experienced workers in the industry to students who are entering the field.


Courses at Feed Design Lab in 2018

In 2018, Feed Design Lab organises another course for basic processes in feed...
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Feed Design Lab is the research and education center for innovation and sustainability in the feed industry.

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